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Notorious Mountain Climbs Around the Globe

The following video showcases some of the most stunning mountain wall climbs around the globe. This sort of big wall climbing is an intense sport that requires intense activity such as sleeping tacked thousands of feet above the ground just to scale up the rock. The images within the following video visualize the intensity of the mountains climbed.

The places featured in the video include mountain ranges from the U.S, Argentina, Madagascar, Pakistan, India, Antarctica, France, Spain, and Norway. The mountain ranges featured all contain various routes that mountain climbers have attempted to accomplish. Some routes take multiple days to complete, while other routes have been made to speed climb.

One of the most notorious features within the video is the first image of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park. Hundreds of routes exist on this mountain alone. One of climbing’s most difficult challenges was completed on an area of El Capitan called the Dawn Wall, where climbers Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson scaled a 3,000-foot rock.

Landmarks in Chicago

Map of Landmarks in Chicago

This map showcases some of the landmarks that are present within Chicago. These landmarks have been designated by City Council upon recommendation of the Commission of Chicago Landmarks. Data for this map was provided by Chicago Data Portal. When looking at this map, we can see how most landmarks in Chicago are located near the lake. Also, most of the landmarks in Chicago are located in the heart of Chicago by the loop. Most of these areas are very populated which may be because of the landmarks that are in those areas. It is important to look at where landmarks are to further understand the history of Chicago.

Diet Search Trends 2014-2019

The following charts present diet trend searches for vegan and keto diets within the past 5 years. Search trends between these two widely known diets present some common faulty habits we may all be guilty of having.

Vegan and Keto Diet Searches 2014-2019

Vegan vs. Keto Diet

From this line chart we see an increased interest in diets during the year 2016. The trends also present that the vegan diet has been a longer standing diet in terms of popularity than the keto diet, as the keto diet began to reach popularity around the end of 2016. We also see hikes in searches for both diets during the months of January and summer months. This is a result of individuals setting goals for the new year and trying to achieve their summer bodies. A strong decrease in searches is present after the months surpass which suggests inconsistency with keeping up with the two diets.

The popularity of the keto diet is interesting to observe since the diet has been around for almost a century. Research in the 1960s found that the ketogenic diet may help individuals with epilepsy. This information has become more well known over the past couple of years which may be why we see such a hike in search trends.

These two diets are quite opposite of each other, as veganism involves eliminating animal products and a keto diet involves including these products. A common trend still exists between the two since they both promote weight loss. We might have a better understanding of why the diets are popular in their own ways if we look at search trends among states.

Vegan and Keto Diet Trends Based on State

Vegan vs. Keto Diet

The map presents which searches are more popular based on states. Most states that typically search the term “vegan” are states that are on the coasts or are states with more liberal views. The vegan diet is said to be one of the most environmentally friendly diets, which may be why the search is more popular among liberal states, since strong views on climate change may exist among individuals. Warmer states may also have more access to plant-based foods which is essential for a vegan diet. Overall the keto diet is more popular among the United States, which may be because it is less restricting.

According to Peta, Portland, Oregon, New York City, New York, and Los Angeles, California are among the top 3 vegan-friendly cities within the United Sates. We see these states listed in the map as the top states that search for the term vegan. These cities offer the most vegan-friendly options and events, which may be why search results are so popular among these cities.

Chicago Bulls Wins 2010-2018

This graph highlights the amount of wins that the Chicago Bulls have had within the past 10 years. The graph clearly represents the decline in wins that the team has been having since earlier seasons.

The team hasn’t won a championship since 1998 and with the pace that they are going at, the upcoming seasons do not look too promising. The past two seasons they have only had around 20 wins, which is nearly a third of the wins they were having within the beginning of 2010.

Within the year 2008 the Chicago bulls acquired Derrick Rose onto their team which made impacts on amount of wins. Rose became injured from 2011-2014 and a clear decline within the chart is present within those times. Rose rejoined the team in 2014 but this addition did not make too big of an impact for amount of wins for the team. The chart presents a drastic decline in amount of wins from the years 2016-2018. Derrick Rose departed the team in 2016 which could have been why the wins went down to be so low.

The team also acquired Fred Hoiberg as the new head coach in 2015. The season from 2015-2016 started off well but ended poorly when Butler injured his knee, which caused him to miss four weeks out of the season. Within this season the Bulls missed the playoffs for the first time in 8 years.

They acquired a new coach by the name of Jim Boylen in 2018. The season was said to be full of injuries and trades which caused them to finish with only 22 wins and they missed the playoffs of a second year in a row.